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We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. It's time to create a new feeling.

Jewellery Democracy

Who We Are

Operating in the retail and financial sectors, Abacı Grup also continues to grow with new investments in luxury products and jewelery. Entrepreneurs with retail marketing operations and have established long-term trade ties with Turkey’s most beloved brands Abaci Group carries to further the success of today.

To add value and pioneering spirits to all sectors in which they operate, with different perspectives; Abacı Group Since its establishment in 1973, owes its continuity as a family business from generation to generation.

With the passion for quality and originality, Abacı Group Chairman Ömer Abacı decided to create the Abbachi brand in 2018 . The Abbachi brand has become an accessible brand for anyone looking for the combination of iconic design and quality jewelry . Abbachi style today ; It started to be mentioned together with chains, Indian figures, shields and swords.

Quality, Principle and Free

Choice For All

The Abbachi brand is a world of quality and design; It is aimed at men and women who are looking for quality jewelry with their unique luxury and iconic designs. “Quality, principle and free” are three keywords that emerged to describe the world of Abbachi . Missions are versatile and highest quality parts produced to create a unique pleasure by Turkey’s most talented artisans. Abbachi has always remained true to his DNA and continues to embody the spirit of adventure, risk-taking and freedom for him

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