Royal Sword Bracelet
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Royal Sword Bracelet

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The Sword is a Symbol of Authority. Sword is used to represent the line of kingly power. Power to rule all the people is bestowed on the bearer of some special sword .

The line of continuation of power, The king was supposed to protect his people as warrior, to guaranty justice as judge, and often to see to the right ordering of worship as a kind of priest. The sword was passed on to the heir as a symbol of the transfer of authority, and the giving of a sword to the new king was (or still is) a widespread feature of coronation ceremonies

An instrument used by a king or queen to confer Knighthood. Knighthood elevates a person to a higher “station” in society by recognizing that persons achievements and qualities as being far above normal and thereby worthy of a higher status.


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Sterling silver 925k

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